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 Job Information 
  Job Title: Specialty Line Cook
  Location: Dover Downs, Inc.
  City/Town: Dover
  Type of Assignment: Regular
  Position Type: Part Time

 Additional Information 
  Degree Required: None

 Job Description 
A chef that Specializes in two or three types of Authentic cuisine of food preparation and assures that all specialty food is of quality and is done in a timely and sanitary manner, avoiding waste, and developing standard recipes and training.

* Assist the Sous Chef with the training of line cooks and with the preparation of:
* Weekly work schedules and daily break schedules for the pantry staff.
* Daily food production schedule (conforming to cover forecast) and work assignments.
* Preference for Specialty Foods including Asian wok, sushi, and Noodle bar experience
* Storeroom requisition preparation to maintain par levels.
* Assures that all kitchen staff works in a sanitary, safe and productive manner, adheres to our standard recipes and plating instructions and prepares quality food, in a timely fashion conforming to the daily production schedule for: soups, sauces, entre items, vegetables.
* Assure that all food going out on the service line is excellent regarding preparation, taste and presentation.
* Assures that all kitchen work stations and storage areas are always kept in clean and in good condition.

* Performs other duties as assigned

* High School diploma or equivalent required.
* Culinary degree or equivalent experience necessary
* Reliable, well-organized, quality oriented.
* Cooperative, good team leader, trainer.
* Able to handle pressure during peak business periods.
* Able to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

Accountable to: Supervisor-- Sous Chef
Accountable for: Line Cooks

The above description denotes some of the specific characteristics which are necessary to perform the principal functions of the job and are not intended to be a description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the position.

Dover Downs, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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