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 Job Information 
  Job Title: Dishwasher-Utility Porter
  Location: Dover Downs, Inc.
  City/Town: Dover
  Type of Assignment: Regular
  Position Type: Part Time

 Additional Information 
  Degree Required: None

 Job Description 
Maintain sanitation of kitchen and service areas.

* Perform all cleaning and sanitation duties in the kitchen area, tray line area, walk-ins, and other areas as assigned.
* Sweep and mop floors in assigned area.
* Empty kitchen and dining room.
* Cleans ovens and steamers.
* Clean steam kettles, counter tops and kitchen equipment.
* Clean filters for the kitchen and bakery, and run through dishwasher.
* Steam clean carts and floor mats.
* Clean walk-ins.
* Wash walls.
* Keep mop room clean and orderly.
* Filter and maintain fryer as needed.

* Performs other duties as assigned.

* Previous kitchen worker experience.
* Knowledge of various cleaning equipment used in the cleaning industry.
* Must have demonstrated ability in handling details.
* Must be able to read and understand written and verbal instructions.
* Must be self-motivated, demonstrate pride in work, and ability to work with minimal or no supervision.

Accountable to: Stewarding Supervisor
Accountable for N/A

The above description denotes some of the specific characteristics which are necessary to perform the principal functions of the job and are not intended to be a description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the position.

Dover Downs, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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