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 Job Information 
  Job Title: Dealer - Poker
  Location: Dover Downs, Inc.
  City/Town: Dover
  Type of Assignment: Regular
  Position Type: Part Time

 Additional Information 
  Degree Required: None

 Job Description 
To deal poker games to players offering exceptional customer service and accuracy.

* Provides fast, flawless, personalized customer service to our players
* Provides exceptional customer service
* Creates memorable service experiences and a fun-filled environment for our players
* Facilitates the game and explains the rules of the game to our players
* Conducts assigned game according to procedures; pays winning bets and collects losing bets
* Exchanges cash for gaming chips according to procedures (buy-in transactions)
* Audits and completes fills and credits
* Controls the pace of the game
* Ensures game security
* Informs the Supervisor or Manager of any requests or unusual play
* Issues the proper amount of gaming chips to players after completion of the credit authorization procedures
* Adheres to established cash handling and accounting procedures
* Complies with all departmental and company policies as well as all established regulations
* Maintains confidentiality regarding customer play
* Amicably resolves customer issues

* Performs other duties as assigned.

* High school diploma or equivalent required
* Must satisfactorily complete dealers training course(s)
* Must pass an audition, demonstrating level of proficiency
* Previous dealing experience preferred
* Knowledge of multiple card games preferred
* Must possess knowledge of the rules and procedures of dealing
* Must be quick, analytical and observant with good math skills
* Must possess exceptional customer service skills
* Must possess excellent communication skills
* Must present an overall professional appearance
* Must be able to successfully pass a background check and receive a license from the DE Lottery
* Must be able to appropriately manage stressful situations, occasionally dealing with angry customers
* Must be able to work weekends, holidays and nights as business needs require

Accountable to: Poker Supervisor
Accountable for: N/A

The above description denotes some of the specific characteristics which are necessary to perform the principal functions of the job and are not intended to be a description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the position.

Dover Downs, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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