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 Job Information 
  Job Title: Floor Supervisor - Table Games
  Location: Dover Downs, Inc.
  City/Town: Dover
  Type of Assignment: Regular
  Position Type: Full Time

 Additional Information 
  Degree Required: None
  Years of Work Experience: 3

 Job Description 

Responsible for providing exceptional customer service, and for monitoring and controlling specific, assigned table games.

* Ensures that our customers receive fast, flawless, personalized service
* Monitors table games activity and customer play to protect the integrity of the games
* Maintains a superior technical understanding of games, policies, and procedures
* Directs and supervises dealers to ensure compliance with game procedures
* Monitors table inventory and protects the assets of the casino
* Directly supervises large play, buy-ins, bet variances and/or basic strategy deviations
* Identifies cheating techniques and takes action as appropriate
* Manages the operations of the pit as directed
* Maintains confidentiality regarding customer play
* Conducts player ratings and issue complimentaries as appropriate
* Resolves customer issues as appropriate
* Completes timely evaluations for subordinates
* Conducts formal and informal training for subordinates
* Conducts formal and informal coaching and counseling with subordinates

* Other duties as assigned

* High school diploma or GED
* Minimum of three years multi-game dealing experience required
* Two years of supervisory experience preferred
* Must possess extensive knowledge of casino rules, regulations and procedures
* Must possess superior math skills
* Must possess computer proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel software
* Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills
* Must possess excellent customer service and leadership skills
* Must be able to solve problems and deal with a variety of situations
* Must present an overall professional appearance
* Must be able to work weekends, holidays and nights as scheduled

Accountable to: Table Games Pit Manager,
Table Games Shift Manager

Accountable for: Table Games Dealers

The above description denotes some of the specific characteristics which are necessary to perform the principal functions of the job and are not intended to be a description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the position.

Dover Downs, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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