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 Job Information 
  Job Title: Pantry Cook
  Location: Dover Downs, Inc.
  City/Town: Dover
  Type of Assignment: Regular
  Position Type: Part Time

 Additional Information 
  Degree Required: None
  Years of Work Experience: 0

 Job Description 
Responsible for all pantry food items prepared in the kitchen of a foodservice establishment. Portions and prepares food items such as salads, cold appetizers, desserts, sandwiches, salad dressings, and platters. Responsible for maintaining a sanitary kitchen work station. Basic prep cooking required such as baking, frying, saute, and steaming associated with food prep.

* Prepare Salads, Appetizers, Fruits, Pastry and Bread items, Dressings, and dishes in a consistent and creative manner to maintain quality standards.
* Follow and prepare all items on prep list or as otherwise told by supervisor and maintain a quality and fresh product.
* Check all counts and weights on items prepared. Ensure quality standards are maintained by visual inspection of vegetable, fruit and meat used. Rotate fruits and vegetables properly to maintain freshness.
* Keep work area clean at all times. Keep walk-in, prep area and equipment up to Heath Department standards.
* Follow proper storage procedures for product in and out of walk-in before and after product is prepared. Communicate with supervisor on products needed on daily basis.
* Learn cooking times and temperatures and use in accordance with kitchen standards.

* Performs other duties as assigned

* High School diploma or equivalent work experience.
* Clean appearance, friendly and cooperative.
* Reliable, ability and willingness to learn and follow instructions.

Accountable to: Sous Chef
Accountable for: N/A

The above description denotes some of the specific characteristics which are necessary to perform the principal functions of the job and are not intended to be a description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the position.

Dover Downs, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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